[Insert typical Cowboy greeting here]!!! More performers than you can shake a brand at got theyselves gainful employment today, so let's git on with it!

Five Year Engagement - Kevin Hart, David Paymer, and Jacki Weaver are all joining the cast of the Nicholas Stoller comedy. The movie stars Jason Segal and Emily Blunt as they go to the chapel. Very slowly. (Deadline/Variety/Deadline)

The Hunger Games - Another day, another person nobody has ever heard of joins the cast. This time it's Willow Shields. Tomorrow it could be Jake Johnson. (Variety)

21 Jump Street - Jeez, Jonah Hill. Why don't you and Jake Johnson get a room? The Get Him To The Greek actor is re-teaming with Hill for 21 Jump Street, as well as Hill's animated pilot "Allen Gregory." Personally, I've never heard of him. (Variety)

Hemlock Drive - Rosanna Arquette is trying her hand at film directing, and Susan Sarandon, David Arquette, and Adam Brody are in talks to appear in the film. You may now go back to whatever you were doing before you heard that news. (Variety)