John Cusack is taking over Tobey Maguire's The Paperboy job. He'll play a man convicted to death row for the murder of a sheriff in Lee Daniel's follow-up to Precious. (Variety)

[post-album postid="217364" item="1"]Will Forte has joined Julianne Hough in Rock Of Ages. He'll play Mitch Miley, a lead anchor of a network news show. The role was not part of the stage musical, and oddly won't require cross-dressing or male nudity, but may involve karaoke. So at least he'll be embarrassed one way or another. (THR)

The Office's BJ Novak has taken a small role in Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator. There's a 90% chance he'll end up with balls in his face. (The Playlist)

Paul Rudd will star in Errol Morris's second narrative film We Froze the First Man. In the film, he'll play a 1960's television repairman who develops his own cryogenic freezing technology. He's way more ambitious than that lazy Maytag repair dickhead. (/Film)