What do Scarlett Johanssen, Tom Sawyer, and the crime boss from Breaking Bad have in common? Absolutely nothing. Here's a casting round-up from the past 16 hours or so:

Scarlett Johanssen might not be able to yuck it up like Seth Rogen, but she's joining an Apatow production nonetheless, probably based on the fact that, a) she's really hot, and b) she knows how to sing. Can a Sony Save Your Life? will feature Scarlett falling for a washed up agent, who is rumored to be played by either Jim Carrey or Mark Ruffalo. Kind of at opposite ends of the spectrum there.

Joel Courtney's (of Super 8 fame) Tom Sawyer has found his Huckleberry Finn in Jake T. Austin for the film appropriately titled Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. The film will film in August in Bulgaria. The studio might want to consult counsel on that, as I believe that it's unconstitutional to film a Tom Sawyer movie anywhere but the mighty U. S. of A. (Variety)

Brendon Fehr, who starred in the TV show Roswell will begin filming a movie called Roswell FM, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the TV show. The film is a comedy that focuses on Fehr's character's desire to host a UFO radio show or support his family. That doesn't sound funny. That sounds really, really sad.

Finally, the guy who plays Breaking Bad's badass kingpin Gus, Giancarlo Esposito, has signed on to I, Alex Cross. Esposito will be playing a crime boss, which will lead to a a disappointing comparison for fans of Breaking Bad, though there isn't much overlap between Breaking Bad fans and Tyler Perry projects. I, Alex Cross will still be known as "a Tyler Perry movie" despite Esposito's involvement. (THR)