If you by any chance auditioned for My Mother's Curse, The Gangster Squad, or Kevin Spacey's Netflix thing, I have some news to break. Here's today's casting round-up.
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ADAM SCOTT will appear with Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand in My Mother's Curse as well as the comedy See Girl Run opposite Robin Tunney where he'll play a sensitive artist. Adam, I hope you checked with Paul Rudd to make sure he wasn't interested in these roles first. He has seniority. (THR)

ANTHONY MACKIE will join The Gangster Squad after all. He'll play Rocky Washington, the first black lieutenant in the LAPD who bumped himself back down to beat cop before being recruited to join Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin's elite squad of gangsterbusters. He's their Winston. (Variety)

ROBIN WRIGHT is in talks to star opposite Kevin Spacey in David Fincher's Netflix original series, "House Of Cards." The political thriller is slated to begin production next spring so she has plenty of time to add and remove "Penn" from her name before the guy who animates the opening credits has to request last call. (THR)