Here's some casting news you can use. Or don't use it. Up to you, man!

Michelle Pfeiffer, who'll always be remem-purrrrrrred for her role as Lamia in 2007's Stardust, was cast in the film Welcome To People. She'll join Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks in a movie about a man (Pine) whose father dies. When he returns home, he uncovers a family secret. And the secret is... wait, I don't know. The film starts shooting next week, so we've got a ways to wait.

Meanwhile, I've never seen a full episode of "Gossip Girl," but there's a British dude on it named Ed Westwick. So, yeah, that guy's got a major supporting role in a cool sounding bio pic called J. Edgar, about the life of power-grabbing, cross-dressing FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Hoover, and Westwick plays the straight-laced FBI agent who ends up writing his biography. DiCaprio gave an awesome performance in Catch Me If You Can, so you don't need to tap our phones to know we're intrigued by this project. (Deadline)