Cassavetes Gets ‘Yellow’, Walks Away From ‘Gotti’

Monday, April 18 by

Production on the upcoming John Gotti biopic hit a minor snag today, as the film is currently without a director. Nick Cassavetes has left the project due to scheduling conflicts resulting from an earlier commitment to the indie flick Yellow. While losing a director is not what industry insiders would call a “good” thing, Gotti: Three Generations had been tracking nicely, having locked down John Travolta as the legendary mobster, Lindsay Lohan circling the part of Victoria Gotti, and Joe Pesci landing a role as a (gasp!) mobster. It will be the 1,237th time that Pesci has played a member of an organized crime family.

Cassavettes’ name lent credibility to the project, which originally perceived by many to feel more like a TV movie of the week, rather than a prestige release. So while his departure certainly creates logistical problems, it would appear that the project is far enough along in development that this shouldn’t serve as a death blow to the project.

The studio hasn’t had time to run through possible replacements, so allow me to suggest one: John Woo. He and Nic Cage made magic in Face/Off. Let them recreate that magic. (Variety)

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