Casey Affleck And Camilla Belle Join The Sexy, New Version Of ‘Paradise Lost’

Friday, September 23 by
They later fired their stylists. 

While searching for a picture to accompany this article I found that there is a serious lack of goofy Casey Affleck pictures online. Somehow he always seems to keep it together when cameras are around. Those days of worry will soon be over. Affleck has booked the role of a six-winged angel in Alex ProyasParadise Lost. He will play God’s messenger and Red Bull addict, Gabriel.

Also favored to join the project is Camilla Belle in the lead role of Eve. It’s a role a lot of young actresses wanted but as of now, it’s rumored to be hers. Such a shame that they could only pick one hot, young actress to walk dressed only in carefully placed leaves. Hollywood can be unfair sometimes. (Variety and Deadline)

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