The Matrix's Carrie-Anne Moss and A Clockwork Orange's Malcolm McDowell have just been cast in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D as it currently shoots in Toronto. I always take it as an excellent sign when films sign actors while shooting is underway.

The aforementioned join Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harrington (nice stage name, dude) for the second installment of the film franchise. As we reported earlier, the film focuses on Clemens' character wrestling with "forces she doesn't fully understand." It's easy to see why McDowell and Moss were so eager to get involved with such a fully-fleshed-out concept. The second they heard there was a conflict represented, they couldn't sign those contracts fast enough!

Kidding aside, this casting announcement at the very least lends some credibility to a film franchise that had been poorly-received and lost its lead actors after the original. I'm not saying it will be good, just...less bad. Maybe.