In this dystopian future society Cirque de Soleil is ALWAYS in town!

Commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch, protege of Ridley Scott and all around badass visual artist, is stretching his legs for helming duties on Logan's Run for WB/Joel Silver. Rinsch was originally attached to the Alien prequel until Papa Ridley Bear decided to direct himself. In the meantime, he made an awesome short entitled The Gift for Philips that showcases his skillz, and basically proclaims, "Yeah, you should probably give me a sci-fi feature."

Rinsch is currently in production on 47 Ronin, a movie where Keanu Reeves gets to pretend to be a samurai like Tom Cruise did, and he intends to move right to Logan's Run after. The plot of the 1976 film and 1967 novel involved a dystopian future society that controlled the population by killing everyone at age 30 (21 in the book). Those who try to escape their destiny are known as a “Runners”, and are hunted down by operatives known as Sandmen. The main character of the story is a Sandman named Logan who says hell no to losing the best years of his life and bolts. Being executed once you get to legal drinking age? Way to harsh a mellow, Government. (/Film)