Nicolas Winding Refn has proven himself an okay dude to work with as far as the cast of Drive is concerned. Both Ryan Gosling and Albert Brooks are planning to work with the director again, and now Refn has announced that Drive's female lead, Carey Mulligan, will star in his long in the works thriller, I Walk With the Dead.

“I’ve always wanted to make a movie with lots of sex,” says Refn of the project. “So I wrote this story called, I Walk With the Dead and it takes place in Miami and it’s just going to have a lot of sex in it. I have two films that are getting made with French investors and one is Only God Forgives and one is I Walk With the Dead.

Of course, this is just one of many projects on his plate and no timeline has been provided yet. With Drive earning awesome reviews, Refn's career is thriving which I'm sure is a relief. Considering his ambition was to "make a movie with lots of sex," things really could have gone differently for him. (The Playlist)