If you're going to be hit by a meteor/meteorite/asteroid, who would you want to be sharing a car with? If you said "my wife," or "my children," that's a pretty good answer, but not as good as "Keira Knightley," with whom Steve Carell gets to spend his last minutes on earth in the film Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Carell is locked down and Knightley is in late-stage negotiations.

As news that mankind is doomed comes over his car radio, Carell's character's wife bolts from the car, never to return. Fortunately, Knightley comes along bearing a letter from Carell's high-school sweetheart, who wants to spend the end of days with him. (If it's the end of the world, I would probably elect to use a mediu faster than postage to get in touch with someone, but it's quaint I guess, so I'll let it slide.)

What are the odds that this movie actually ends with an asteroid smashing into the earth and killing Steve Carell and his high-school sweetheart? I'm getting pretty fired up about this film already. (Deadline)