Carell Teams Up With ’30 Rock’ Director To Tell The Tale Of Goofy Magician

Thursday, June 2 by

Get familiar with Burt Wonderstone. The comedy, set to start filming this October, will star Steve Carell as a magician who battles to maintain relevance in the face of a younger, hipper David Blaine/Criss Angel hybrid who is riding the new wave of a street magic. So it’s pretty much like The Prestige, only not at all. Maybe it’s like The Illusionist. I don’t know because I didn’t see it. I only had room for one period magic drama at that stage of my life.

While Carell’s involvement is the biggest asset this project has, the producers have just announced their director in Don Scardino, whose most notable recent work has been helming episodes of”30 Rock.” It’s Scardino’s feature debut, but his work on “30 Rock” has all arrows pointing to “hilarious.”

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Finally, the writing team behind Burt Wonderstone consists of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the duo behind the upcoming Horrible Bosses, which appears to be one of the year’s most promising comedies.

In summation: Carell, “30 Rock” director, hilarious writers, and a premise that features many goofy magicians. What’s not to like?

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