Batman is skipping out on his regular home of Chicago for Pittsburgh, where The Dark Knight Rises will be shot. Not to be outdone, Marvel is sending Captain America to a new locale for reshoots: Los Angeles. I know, something filming in Los Angeles. Crazy.

The fact that Captain America: The First Avenger shot in the UK kinda sucks Henry Cavill-style, but at least they're dipping their shield into a little American location pie. These probably planned reshoots are rumored to be held on Friday in downtown Los Angeles, and are going under the awesome codename "Frostbite." True believers shoul drive around LA all day looking for the shoot, because they may include Stan Lee's cameo. Excelsior-riffic.

Directed by Joe Johnston and starring Chris Evans, the Capt'n raises his flag in theaters July 22nd. (On Location Vacations)