Canada Is Trying To C-Block Netflix

Friday, April 15 by

Oh, fret and bother! Young Canadian eyeballs mustn’t see any untoward images nor should their semi-French ears hear a naughty word. It’s Queen’s rule!!

That’s why Canadian broadcasters are urging to have Netflix Canada forced to abide by the same regulations which they have to work under. That, or money. Yeah, it seems like a money thing.

Now that Netflix is generating their own content, it could be argued that they are a broadcaster. However, regulating Netflix is only a few steps away from regulating the Internet. And what will happen then? Our wives and girlfriends will find our porn is what. Please Canada, I urge you to look into the horny depths of your pervert hearts and call off the hounds. Thank you. Sincerely, American penises. (THR)

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