Camilla Belle Gets ‘Freaky Deaky’ With William H. Macy

Friday, February 4 by

An Elmore Leonard book about crime is being made into a movie, which has been done so many times, I’m not sure that even technically counts as “news.” However, Camilla Belle‘s joining Freaky Deaky‘s cast is news, so let’s focus on that. The actress will play one half of an ex-couple with an extreme political agenda who get back together for a job that will net them millions. William H. Macy has long been attached to star in the film as well, though it’s unclear if he would play Belle’s ex-boyfriend (unlikely…I mean, look at her and look at him) or a police bomb squad expert who tries to take them down (more likely).

Walter Matthau’s son Charles was most recently attached to direct the film after producers cycled through a laundry list of interested parties, though confirmation is still outstanding there. The movie is to be set in Leonard’s familiar stomping ground of Detroit and is said to feature a “twisty” plot. So you best arrive at the theater with your thinking cap.

Freaky Deaky was written in 1987, which surprised me to learn that the phrase had been around that long. Let’s hope, if William H. Macy is involved, that it isn’t a harbinger of the subject matter of the film. Kinky sex and Bill Macy are two great things that always ought be kept separate. (Playlist)

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