Today in "News That Makes Us Giggle, Then Grimace, Then Sob": Lionsgate is fictionalizing and adapting the instructional pregnancy book What to Expect When You're Expecting, with Cameron Diaz in final negotiations to star. The adaptation will follow five couples during the ups and don't of pregnancy. I'm thinking this film might be for the ladies.

One of the things I loved about Cameron Diaz is that she never really fell too hard into the romantic comedy rut (unlike that sellout Katherine Heigl). She did What Happens in Vegas and The Holiday, but only two rom-coms in a career like hers is pretty much a rounding error.

Well, she's back in that rut, this time in a gynecological Love Actually. And not the sexy kind of "recreational" gynecology, but the medical, speculum-type. Gross. Gross for that and gross for Cameron Diaz for doing this film. Gross all around. (THR)