They’re making a doc about Christopher Wallace, AKA Biggie Smalls. It’s due out in November of 2009 from Fox Searchlight. They have some producer video diaries on the website blog. This one is about casting the role of Biggie.


It’s sort of funny because there are a lot of dudes that showed up for the casting call that definitely don’t look anything like BIG. In fact, I think I have as much as a chance as a lot of them.

The most important thing about this clip is around the 50 second mark when Biggie’s Momma shows up with a Producer credit? Seriously? Put your self in those overstressed, ketchup stained Timberlands for a second. You had a legendary rap career that was based on your years as a crack dealing, woman beating pimp. You practically singlehandedly created a style of flow. You got gunned down while leaving the Soul Train Music Awards by at unknown assailant. Your friend steals all your shit and makes billions. And then your momma makes a movie about you? Damn. Rap is the new country. 

But I guess there’s no denying that the man had talent. This is actually one of my favorite You Tubes of all time, from the doc Freestyle. When you watch this, ask yourself what YOU were doing at the age of 17.