Nicolas Cage and John Cusack are on the verge of having themselves a little Con Air reunion with their participation in The Frozen Ground, directed and written by Scott Walker. The film, which is based on real events, follows the double life of family man Robert Hansen, who has the curious hobby of capturing women, then hunting them in the Alaskan wilderness.

In an odd reversal, John Cusack will play the psychopath while Nic Cage plays the lawman who eventually brings him to justice, with the help of Hansen's sole living victim. The film marks Walker's directorial debut, and the premise sounds pretty awesome. Couple that with that fact that Cage's participation doesn't involve hamming it up as yet another psycho, and this project sounds very promising.

No casting announcement has been made on the living victim, but expect the role to get a lot more interest now that Cage and Cusack are hopping on. (Deadline)