BuzzFeed Has Raised $50 Million To Make Movies. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Monday, August 11 by
None of those little yellow dots are film genres.  

While that headline will no doubt haunt your nightmares as you try to understand how “15 Things Cats Get Right” will translate to the big screen, let us disclose that the new BuzzFeed studio will be making clips as short as 6 seconds as well as features. So they’ll be doing a lot of different stuff, not just feature films.

I guess that’s comforting. No. It’s not. Their short videos will be rough, too.

The only good thing about BuzzFeed making motion pictures now is that they’ll be a little too big for your aunt to share on Facebook, so they might not be popping up in your newsfeed, and you can always choose not pay to see it in the theater.

No words on what films the studio has in the works, if any, but I’m hoping “15 Things Only Amputees from Dover, Delaware Will Understand” gets greenlit before “A Gallery That Proves Ryan Gosling Is the Perfect Man.”

Strange times, my friends. Strange times.


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