Sony reportedly will not make a third Ghostbusters movie without Bill Murray, and the star, who has a reputation for being, ahem, very selective, has yet to sign on since being delivered the script recently. The actor, who notoriously does not have an agent or a PR person, has spoken out against the idea of a third Ghostbusters movie for the past year, and famously refuses to sign most contracts offered to him. Sony is holding their breath on the matter, hoping beyond hope that Murray will agree to the film with a handshake deal, and beyond that, show up for production on the first day, which could be as early as May 2011.

Every other element of the film looks to be falling into place, as the script by "Office" writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (with revisions by Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd) has been completed, and the other primary cast members, including Harold Ramis and Aykroyd himself, have all signed on. Sony is not even balking at the proposed 150 million dollar budget, so Murray appears to be the linchpin in this. Perhaps if Wes Anderson was handling directing duties, Murray'd be a little more comfortable. Maybe Ivan Reitman can promise him at least 4 Kinks songs on the soundtrack to sweeten the deal. (The Playlist)