Wes Mantooth, son of well-known saint, Dorothy Mantooth, was an important figure in the plot of Anchorman. Once an adversary, but now a respected ally, Vince Vaughn's Channel 9 newsman is a fan favorite. Will we see him in the next chapter in the Anchorman saga?

Yeah, probably.

While doing press in the UK, Vaughn spoke to his involvement in the sequel and offered up some dream casting for the role of his mom, who really is such a saint.

"The chances are better than not that Wes Mantooth will be there," he said.

And what of his Moms?

 "I don't know if anyone can fill that role, she's such a saint. Angela Lansbury as Dorothy?"

Mmmmm... Lansbury's okay and all, but there's only one actress for Dorothy in my heart. And that would be Gert. She's got saint written all over her.

(via Digital Spy)