Bryce Dallas Howard To Finally Restore Honor To The Howard Name

Wednesday, March 2 by

Years of scandal and disappointment have marred Ron Howard for decades. For as long as I can remember, it’s been impossible to look at a supermarket tabloid or a gossip website without seeing a Ron Howard headline: “Ron Howard’s Child Bride Addicted To Caffeine,” “Ron Howard Brought In On Prostitution Charges,” “Ron Howard Dogfighting Ring Exposed.”

So it’s with great optimism that I report that Ron Howard’s daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, is attempting to repair the damage to her family name by directing The Originals, which will be her first feature-length movie. She also wrote the script which is said to be “about 20somethings.” Here’s a little more about the plot:

“The film centers around a group of childhood friends who reunite in young adulthood when their former teacher falls into a coma, and has been described by Howard as ‘a Breakfast Club for my generation.'”

Maybe this will be enough to make America forget about Ron Howard’s numerous offenses against good taste and moral order. If that doesn’t work, narrating the Arrested Development” movie might do the trick. (via /Film)

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