HBO Films must think the musical theater world is full of freaks, because they brought in X-Men director Bryan Singer to helm their upcoming Bob Fosse biopic. In case you are unaware, Bob Fosse is the Academy Award winning director and choreographer for many musicals, including Cabaret, Chicago, Pippin and other shows my sister yak yak yaks about while I think about who would win in a fight between Superman and Magneto. (Answer depends on whether Magneto can get his hands on Kryptonite.)

Based on the upcoming biography Bye, Bye Life: The Loves and Deaths of Bob Fosse by Sam Wasson, Singer is attached to direct, executive produce and bring a potentially not-gay audience to a film that would only have been watched by all-gays otherwise. The film is in early development, and no writer or cast is on board yet. However, when they do get on board, you can bet they'll be wearing bowler hats and will do lots of weird looking hip thrusts. (Hollywood Reporter)