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Watch out, young Hollywood dudes and dudettes. Bryan Singer is coming for you. The director is currently in the process of casting his next film, Jack The Giant Killer, and he's got a few sprightly up-and-comers in his sights. The movie "centers around a war between giants and humans, set off by the kidnapping of a princess, and the young farmer who journeys to the giant kingdom on a rescue mission." Christopher McQuarrie, of The Usual Suspects awesomeness, wrote the script.

Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) and Nicholas Hoult (the kid from About a Boy who's all grown up now) are the lead contenders to wear the farmer overalls. As for the princess, Singer is eying some girls you probably haven't heard much about. Juno Temple, Adelaide Kane and Lily Collins should all commence polishing their tiaras. But don't block the boys as they're putting on their overalls. Yeah, one strap at a time gentleman. Slowly now. (ThePlaylist)