Bryan Cranston Involved In Tense Zombie-Related Negotiations

Saturday, August 6 by

The cool thing about negotiating with zombies is that the only thing that will satisfy them is braaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnns. This is also the annoying, dangerous, and life-threatening parts about negotiating with zombies. Luckily for Bryan Cranston, he’s actually sought by studio executives for a role in World War Z, the upcoming adaptation of that book you still see people reading in bookstores and coffee shops.

12 photos'World War Z' Pics Don't Make Zombie War Look That Bad

No word yet on what role Cranston is set to play, except that it will be “small but flashy.” Much like a dose of crystal meth on Cranston’s hit TV series Breaking Bad! Or maybe like the kind of solid, under-3-minute rock song that will probably NOT be seen in the upcoming Rock of Ages, in which Cranston is also slated to appear? Make your choice, reader. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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