Bryan Cranston is blowing up faster and hotter than a meth lab explosion. He's the bad guy in the Total Recall remake, he's bringing his voice to Batman: Year One, and now he's been cast in future SNL punchline Rock of Ages in the pivotal (how many pivots can one movie have?) role of "the mayor." Cranston is joining a cast of names more famous and less talented than he is, including Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Mary J. Blige, Russell Brand, and Paul Giamatti (OK, the "less talented" part doesn't go for Giamatti).

More specifically, he's husband to the Anita Bryant/Tipper Gore-type played by Catherine Zeta-Jones who wants to ban all rock and roll. Oh no! Will rock and roll be able to survive this cultural onslaught? How about rock or roll, separately? I think rock has a bit more vigor than roll does - I hope roll pulls through OK. I'm sure they'll both be OK - this is America, after all.  (Deadline)