Don't you dare shed a tear, Cranston fans. Not a tear. Despite his exit from Ruben Fleishcer's star-studded Gangster Squad, you will still get a heaping portion of Cranston in (deep breath): Argo, Contagion, Season 4 of Breaking Bad, Drive, Total Recall, Rock of Ages, Red Tails, and John Carter (formerly of Mars). So dry those wetted eyes.

It was everyone's understanding that Cranston would crank out Argo, then move right on to Gangster Squad. However, because Cranston was unable to find a machine that would clone him, he was forced to drop the project.

Since the conflict with Argo was due to the fact that Gangster Squad was filming late-summer/early-fall, it's safe to assume that filming on the Ben Affleck film will begin around the same time.

While Cranston won't be in the much-anticipated L.A. gangster epic, it seems he will still be in every other film shooting over the next nine months, so let's all try to be adult about this. WHY? WHY CAN'T HE BE IN GANGSTER SQUAD?