Bruno comes out this Friday, which inevitably means that a bunch of real people are going to look very dumb to the general movie-going public that day as well.  Socialite/model Brittny Gastineau is one of the many in this group.  She assists Bruno in his attempt to infiltrate American television, to the expected hilarious result.  While she manages to look stupid in amazingly offensive ways (you'll understand when you see the movie), she also maintains an incredibly high hotness quotient, thereby putting her lack of intelligence or social tact in the "who gives a sh*t?" category for most of the males watching her in the flick.

A Word From Brittny (Via Twitter): "Doing laser hair removal at dr frank ryans office and boyy does it HURT!!! I'm such a baby"

Eloquent words from Ms. Gastineau.  Hopefully her insightful Tweeting will help rebuild her image after the movie... Oh, who are we kidding?  She's still hot, and that's all that matters.  Speaking of which, check out more smokin' photos of Brittny after the jump!