Bruce Willis Quit Expendables Because He Wanted $4 Million For 4 Days Of Work, Not $3 Million

Thursday, August 8 by
Such a badass... 

Sylvester Stallone took to Twitter a few days ago to tell the world that Bruce Willis wasn’t going to be in the third Expendables film, and that Willis was “greedy and lazy,” but no one really knew the facts of the case.

But now we do. Willis was demanding $4 million to perform four days of acting “work.” Stallone was only willing to part with a paltry $3 million. Therein lied the impasse.

Stallone quickly gave Willis the boot and picked up Harrison Ford, an actor widely known for treating most every acting role he’s gotten with disdain and contempt. But maybe that’s less of an expense than a million bucks.

Big takeaway here? Bruce Willis: GREEDY AND/OR LAZY, at least according to John Rambo.

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