UPDATED: Bruce Willis Heads To Vegas And Then To ‘Die Hard 5′

Friday, February 11 by

UPDATE: Vulture is now reporting “the odds are good that Justin Timberlake will play the part of Rosie, a Long Island bookmaker who runs a massive off-shore sports book under which Raymer (to be played by Rebecca Hall) apprenticed. We also hear the smart money is on Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones signing on to play Tulip, Willis’s wife.” This could be more fun in Vegas than the cast of Ocean’s 12 had filming Ocean’s 12.

In Bruce Willis, Stephen Frears has found his Dink Heimowitz. Willis is in negotiations to join Lay The Favorite, Take The Dog. Based on Beth Raymer’s best-seller, Lay The Favorite: A Memoir Of Gambling, the film is about a cocktail waitress who becomes one of Vegas’s top bookies.

Willis’ Heimowitz character is a former New York bookmaker who coaches Rebecca Hall‘s Raymer. It’s unlikely he will use a car to kill a helicopter in this film. However, he may have  that opportunity soon enough…

While 20th Century Fox continues to look for a Die Hard 5 script that doesn’t suck, Willis has been interviewing directors to helm the project. At the top of his list is Daniel Espinosa of Snabba Cash and the upcoming Safe House. At this rate, we may see John McClane take on terrorists before his 60th birthday. (Vulture)

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