Lay the Favorite
has swapped production partners and gained a Welsh beauty, which means they came out ahead. Catherine Zeta-Jones has signed on to the gambling flick as the wife of a gambling legend played by Bruce Willis. The Town's Rebecca Hall will also get mixed up with Willis as he tries to crack Vegas' system.

Focus Features dropped out after the project's budget hit $20mm, but Pathe, undaunted, decided to step in so that the project doesn't miss a beat. $20mm doesn't sound that high for a Bruce Willis movie. Maybe Focus should stop being such babies and sack up to make some money.

Not sure if CZJ has the draw she once did in her Entrapment days, but it's nice to see her up against (literally and figuratively) Willis in this project, as seeing Willis with a 25 year-old starlet kind of grosses me out. It's fine for his ex-wife, though. (Deadline)