‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ Actress Shannon Kane

Thursday, March 4 by

Shannon Kane is best known for playing Natalia Fowler on the soap All My Children. If you don’t watch daytime television because you’re too busy contributing to society or looking for a job (touching yourself), then you’re probably not aware of her. Look, ain’t she pretty?!

A word from Shannon: “I’m currently in flirtation with fellow rookie cop, Brot.”

Lalala, I can’t hear you! I’m too busy working for a living! Shut up, it IS work!

Don’t drown out the pics after the jump.

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  1. March 4, 2010 10:58 am


    Shannon Kane i hope u see dhis cuz i really wanna meet u sumday but i live so far from La and Hollywood.I live in Columbia sc. U r my dream mom nd i luv ur acting u r great and this is a girl and by the way my name is kaitlyn

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