Broke-Ass MGM Would Really Like ‘Bond 23′ In Theaters November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 4 by

James Bond has met his match — Super Glue.

MGM recently filed for bankruptcy, and you know what that means. It’s time for them to make movies! Don’t ask me how the government works because I cannot enlighten you. The Hobbit is finally scheduled to begin filming in February, and now it looks like MGM’s other huge franchise, the James Bond series, is picking up steam maybe but who the hell knows for sure.

The studio aims to have the next Bond film in theaters November 2012, though a few minor problems lay in the project’s path. MGM needs a partner with the ever important financial means to fund the movie. Also, it’s not known if Daniel Craig has time in his schedule, or if currently-signed-on-director Sam Mendes wants to deal with this back and forth B.S. anymore. The only thing we know for certain is, MGM needs to get a second job cleaning office buildings at night to put food on the lion’s table. (ThePlaylist)

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