Britain Installing ‘Ninjas’ In Its Theatres To Silence Talkers

Friday, September 14 by
It looks like a still from a Lars Van Trier film.  

The Brits, as polite as they are reputed to be, still are faced with inconsiderate movie-goers, but they’re not gonna take it anymore. The Prince Charles Theatre has hired a gaggle of enforcers decked out in black Green Man suits (Black Man suits?) to pop up out of nowhere and scare the living fuck out of chatty audience members.

It’s meant to be in good fun, and the good-natured shaming will probably serve as a decent deterrent, but I’m guessing an even better deterrent would be to kill the family members of those found disrupting people with their chatter. Of course, that would be illegal and a logistical nightmare, so this surprise attack thing by ninjas is a pretty good plan B.

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