Brit Marling Picks Robert Redford’s ‘The Company You Keep’

Tuesday, August 9 by

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Brit Marling has risen triumphant where Katie Holmes had failed — she survived being pursued by Tom Cruise. Last week, the breakout star of Another Earth was being courted by some big name talent. Cruise wanted her to co-star in One Shot, and Steven Soderbergh was after her to appear in Magic Mike, the Channing Tatum/Alex Pettyfer male-stripper movie. However, it’s Robert Redford who won her over.

Marling is now in talks for the lead female role in Redford’s next directorial debut, The Company You Keep. As previously reported, the movie stars Shia LaBeouf as an ambitious young reporter seeking to out Redford’s former Weather Underground member. There aren’t any real details about Marling’s character but at least she won’t be required to stuff dollar bills into Channing Tatum‘s waistline. Seems like a wise career choice. (Variety)

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