In a move that should surprise very few people, Judd Apatow has gone to the well of 21 Jumpstreet, Scott Pilgrim, and other similarly-focused films to get Brie Larson on board for his upcoming film Trainwreck. The details of Tranwreck are being kept pretty secret, but the film will star SNL's BIll Hader, sooooooo...

Yup. Bill Hader.

I'm going to guess it's about the pitfalls and humorous trials of evolving into adulthood. But I only say that because that's what every other Judd Apatow film has been about. Maybe let's also go on a limb and say Jay Baruchel will be in it, and Apatow's wife, Leslie Mann.

And Paul Rudd will play a supervillain with a scar running down his face who wrecks trains as a way of taking the pain of his deformity out on the world.

Man, that would be cool. But it will probably just be about assholes who whine about growing up.