Bridges Totally Down To Exorcise Some Demons

Friday, February 4 by

Jeff Bridges was quick to find a new role to fill the gap in his schedule after Tara Reid didn’t invite him to join the cast of her The Big Lebowski sequel. He decided to take things in a different direction, signing on to play an exorcist in the film The Seventh Son (initially titled The Last Apprentice). Bridges’ character trains the protagonist of the film, Thomas J. Ward, the role of which has been offered to unbiquitous prettyboy Alex Pettyfer, to fight evil in the 1700’s. Sergey Bodrov, the director of Mongol, has long been attached to this helm this project, and an offer is also out to Jennifer Lawrence for the role of a witch, as well.

Taking the role of a sorcerer-y mentor, there is little doubt that this role will require Jeff Bridges to rock a beard, which is good news for moviegoers, as the past decade or so has shown us that Jeff Bridges + beard = cinematic gold. It will be interesting to see how this theory plays with my newer theory that anything + Alex Pettyfer = cinematic drivel. Fortunately, Bridges > Pettyfer, so we should be ok. This concludes today’s Screen Junkies math lesson. (Playlist)

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  1. February 4, 2011 2:10 pm


    I was wondering how many Alex Pettyfer movies you watched before developing the “newer theory” ? My latest theory is with at least a probability of 95% you did see none of his movies and with a probability of less than 5% one of his movies !

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