Bridesmaids was a film that kept us laughing from beginning to end and the two unexpected highlights of the film weren't Kristen Wiig making wacky noises or Kristen Wiig making a lazy eye face. Instead, they were Melissa McCarthy and Jon Hamm. This morning there was news that director Paul Feig wanted to call upon his all-stars again for another project. Moviehole caught up with Feig, who was surprised to hear that the news had broken.
“It was one of those things where I was like ‘Oh, that wasn’t supposed to come out’ but I’m kinda glad it did; I’ve been secretive about it the past few months but I guess I’ve dropped enough hints too. It’s a real passion project; again, I just want to tell stories that don’t normally get told and this is another of those.”

“They’re the inspiration for it”, Feig says of Hamm and McCarthy, adding that the film would be a “very unconventional love story, in the vein of [Bridesmaids]. Judd and I have a very specific storytelling style – it’s very real and out of the reality we’ll try to make it as funny as possible. I’m excited about that.”

How long away is this prospective Hamm/McCarthy movie? “I’m just writing it at the moment”, the filmmaker says, “There’s actually something in the Fall that…is a sequel to a movie that people know but I can’t really talk about it yet; we’re still trying to finalize it. That would be fun. It’s something I’ve wanted to with some actors I’ve wanted to work with.”

“This would be a reboot of a franchise. I want to talk about it but it might not happen because of actors deals and so on so I better remain mysterious.”

Ummmm.... my guess is Ghostbusters. Or something else entirely. Yeah, let's go with something else entirely.(Moviehole)