Post apocalyptic dystopias are so hot right now that if you touch them, you'll get burned. Not content relegating the concept to teen movies, Disney has gotten in the fray, having picked up The Runner, set in 2027. When the earth's surface becomes uninhabitable (probably because of guys with H2's and Escalades in 2011) a group of survivors in the Rockies send a man back in time to stop the attack. (It's disheartening that this movie posits it will be easier to break the space-time continuum than it will be to clean our air, but thems the breaks.) However, the "runner" sent back in time is actually going to save his true love in the past.

The script will be penned by Dave Andron, who has most recently written episodes of"Justified," and Marc Forster, who has largely stayed on the more cerebral side of cinema with Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland, Stranger than Fiction, and The Kite Runner, is a candidate to direct.

Don't go thinking this one is going too heavy on the "thinking" angle, though. Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment is planning on pimping out this actioner. HARD. Video games, TV shows, graphic novels, and (shudder) "interactive content for hand held and mobile devices." So you will be able to enjoy elements of The Runner while stuck at the DMV. What a time to be alive. (Deadline)