Proving he's no opponent to rehearsal, Brian Grazer has stepped into the shoes left empty by Brett Ratner's exit as producer of the Oscars. Please clean those shoes thoroughly first.

The Academy wasted no time in announcing a replacement this week after Ratner stepped down when the media caught wind of his recent controversial statements. However, the choice seems suspect. Grazer did after all produce Tower Heist, the film that's receiving heavy promotion from the Academy Awards. However, I'd recommend moving away from Tower Heist as it's clearly cursed. It opened poorly at the box office. Brett Ratner was outed as a douche who masturbates while eating finger foods, star Eddie Murphy stepped down as Oscars host, and Courthouse Guard actor Heavy D collapsed and died this week. Did Tower Heist run over a gypsy out by the fairgrounds?

I find it ironic that Ratner was dismissed after stating, "Rehearsal is for fags," yet Grazer experienced a similar (if not more harsh) backlash when his film The Dilemma stated that "electric cars are gay." You can't tell me that there are no electric cars in The Academy. (Deadline)