There's something calming about sitting down with one of the God of War games and mashing buttons until your thumb is bleeding and everything on-screen is dead. There is, however, a sparkley little bit of doubt in my heart that Hollywood's favorite—and certainly its shiniest—bad boy director, Brett Ratner, can make that translate to the big screen. UGO has confirmed that the movie is happening with the man himself who was wearing a loincloth at the time. Not really.

There really aren't a lot of details about the flick, other than the fact that it's actually heppening. That means we'll have to wait a while to find out who is going to be playing Kratos and more importanly, if it's going to be a glorious, R-rated celebration of vengeful violence and nudity or if it'll be another PG-13 romp full of bloodless deaths and really bad guys who say "darn" instead of "fuck." I'm still holding out hope that it can be good, but there's a copy of X3 on my DVD shelf just dying to disagree with me. But hey, at least it's not a Guitar Hero movie.

From: UGO