During a Q&A at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood after a screening of his new film Tower Heist, director Brett Ratner responded to a question from the moderator about his preparation with the telling reply, "Rehearsing is for fags." Vulture reports that he also "waved his hand dismissively."


Sure, his throwaway comment will undoubtedly ruffle some feathers in the LGBT communities, but Ratner using a homophobic slur to disparage something really isn't news. (It would be news if he didn't, actually.) The bigger story is that we have figured out a factor in why Ratner's films are not very good ever.

Based on his comment, I've compiled a list of other things that Brett Ratner probably thinks are for fags, pussies, and possibly retards:

  • Compelling scripts

  • Not casting Chris Tucker

  • Antiperspirant for your face

  • Treating the homosexual community with dignity and respect

  • Thoughtful pacing and direction of films

  • Not driving a Lamborghini through South Beach at 2 AM huntin' for sluts

  • Stanley Kubrick's entire catalogue