Brett Ratner Thinks “Rehearsing Is For Fags”

Monday, November 7 by
Ratner better hope this guy doesn't catch wind of his comments. Also, how short IS he? 

During a Q&A at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood after a screening of his new film Tower Heist, director Brett Ratner responded to a question from the moderator about his preparation with the telling reply, “Rehearsing is for fags.” Vulture reports that he also “waved his hand dismissively.”


Sure, his throwaway comment will¬†undoubtedly¬†ruffle some feathers in the LGBT communities, but Ratner using a homophobic slur to disparage something really isn’t news. (It would be news if he didn’t, actually.) The bigger story is that we have figured out a factor in why Ratner’s films are not very good ever.

Based on his comment, I’ve compiled a list of other things that Brett Ratner probably thinks are for fags, pussies, and possibly retards:

  • Compelling scripts
  • Not casting Chris Tucker
  • Antiperspirant for your face
  • Treating the homosexual community with dignity and respect
  • Thoughtful pacing and direction of films
  • Not driving a Lamborghini through South Beach at 2 AM huntin’ for sluts
  • Stanley Kubrick’s entire catalogue
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