On the heels of a mediocre bow for the ensemble caper film Tower Heist, Brett Ratner is reportedly in talks to direct another new project starring Eddie Murphy.

The project is not Beverly Hills Cop 4, as Murphy has said recently that he's not interested in tacking on another sequel to the seminal action-comedy. However, that hasn't stopped Brett Ratner from telling everyone that he would love to direct the imaginary film.

Tower Heist scored $25 million this weekend and opened to tepid reviews, despite praise for an Eddie Murphy performance that harkens back to the comic actor's golden years in the mid-late 80's.

For better or worse, Murphy and Ratner have developed something of a partnership, as Ratner is directing the Oscars, with Murphy signed on to host, and Murphy will be a voice in Ratner's upcoming animated Honk Kong Phooey film.

With all these projects in the pipeline, it's pretty easy to not be excited about a fourth teaming of the two, but let's smile anyway and let them enjoy this moment.

"That's terrific guys!"

(The Wrap)