Keri Russell has signed on to likely be creeped out a lot in the directorial debut of Napoleon Dynamite writer Jerusha Hess. Bret McKenzie will also star in the romantic comedy, Austenland. Russell's character is a woman obsessed with Colin Firth's portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the BBC's zombieless adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. All other men pale in comparison causing her love life to suffer. She then travels to a resort for women obsessed with Jane Austen where she hopes to meet the man of her dreams.

Jennifer Coolidge, JJ Field, Jane Seymour, Rupert Vansittart and James Callis round out the rest of the cast. I wouldn't normally want to see a Regency-based romantic comedy but keep in mind that Hess's past films have featured the verbal abuse of a llama and python diarrhea. This could be a refreshing take on Austen. (THR)