One makes perfect sense. The other makes absolutely no sense. As is typical, Bret Easton Ellis won't just hand over his thoughts on the casting for American Psycho; we have to work for them. The logical (perhaps too logical?) choice is Miles Fisher, a blossoming star with memorable roles in Mad Men, J. Edgar, Final Destination 5, and a homemade music video for the Talking Heads' "This Must Be the Place," in which he plays Patrick Bateman in an American Psycho send-up.

So no surprise there. The other choice is baffling, until you realize that it might just be brilliant. Scott Disick, a "star" of Keeping up with the Kardashians, is Ellis' other pick. Nobody likes this guy, but perhaps that's what makes him so right for the part. Patrick Bateman isn't supposed to be charming or secretly likable. He's supposed to be completely empty inside, and no one is more empty on that show than he is.

Bret is witholding his approval unless one of these two gets cast. Considering Lionsgate is remaking the film a scant eleven or so years after the original, my hunch is they're really not seeking anyone's approval on this thing. But who knows. Maybe they're insecure.