Brendan Fraser's agent must be a really weird dude, considering the disparate nature of all the roles he's been looking at recently. He's in a movie about a fish heist, a cartoon about aliens trying to escape earth, and a film in which he plays Vanessa Hudgens' father. So the next step in this evolution is clearly a 3D biopic about famed archer William Tell.

William Tell: 3D will be helmed by Nick Hurran and has Anna Paquin attached to star. Hurran's most recent project was a remake of the TV show "The Prisoner," while Paquin is known for being a damn sexy fairy in HBO's "True Blood." Also, she won an Academy Award when she when she was 11. But these days she's a topless fairy.

According the THR (my source for all world history), Tell was forced to shoot an apple off of his son's head after not bowing to a statue of the king. When he informed the king that he would have killed him had he missed his son, this led to an uprising that led to the formation of the nation of Switzerland.

Thanks, The Hollywood Reporter!