Brendan Fraser So Desperate He’s Stealing Fish

Monday, March 14 by

After the double-suck-whammy of Extraordinary Measures and Furry Vengeance, Brendan Fraser is now stealing fish like some common brown bear. I’m, of course, referring to an upcoming film role. The actor is still fine with money and living in a mansion.

Fraser has signed to headline Whole Lotta Sole for Hotel Rwanda director Terry George. The story centers around a young man who attempts to rob a fish store in order to pay off his gambling debts. The robbery then turns into a hostage situation. Fraser will play the shopkeeper who is on the run from his gangster father-in-law.

The pun in the title and Fraser’s resume lead me to believe that someone is going to get a swordfish stuck on their head at some point in this film. Is Terry George really directing? (Variety)

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  1. March 14, 2011 10:08 am


    didn’t see furry vengeance, but it looked like the worst movie of all time.

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