It's hard to believe that it's been five months since the season finale of Breaking Bad. Time flies when you're...not watching Breaking Bad, I guess. Your patience will soon be rewarded, as Bryan Cranston let his disciples on Twitter know.

The Tweet reads:

"a few weeks before cameras roll on season 5. I cant wait. I love doing this show and will miss it when its time to say goodbye. Airs in July."

So there you have it. Hard to misinterpret. Though this isn't an official announcement, but it's sort of like if Tom Hanks told you that you had a little food on your lip - you'd believe it, wouldn't you?

So put your trust in Bryan "Cranst" Cranston, and get your popcorn ready!*

(*You only need to start preparing your Breaking Bad popcorn now if you really suck at making popcorn.)