Much like the meth cooked by Walter White on AMC's Breaking Bad, the show itself has become so good that everyone wants a piece of it. That's why Sony Pictures Television has had clandestine meet-ups with other networks out in the desert. With renewal talks dragging on between the studio and AMC Network, the acclaimed drama is being shopped around. This is fairly common practice and doesn't necessarily mean that the show will jump networks, but it does point to other problems.

As the show grows more expensive, AMC has proposed scaling back the order for season five from thirteen episodes to six or eight. The show producers refused to do this and then killed their best friend with a box cutter to illustrate how serious they are. But the bigger issue here is the show's life span. Series creator Vince Gilligan has always said that next season will be the last. However, the ratings are pouring in like never before as strong word of mouth is bringing more and more viewers to the show.
“There’s nothing definitive on that show,” says senior VP of programming Joel Stillerman when asked about Gilligan’s statement. “We need to make a decision on season 5 and then we’ll decide with Vince with Sony if that’s it or if it can be ongoing after that. The kind of demo delivery gains seen in season 4 are potentially unprecedented. We’re thrilled.”

So that's where we're at. The genius who creates the show wants out at a certain point for the story's sake. Admirable. But, the network wants to milk it for all the profit it is worth. Hopefully, they won't hire a young writer to shadow Gilligan and learn his secrets from him. That can only end with blood on everybody's hands. (EW)