Break Unleashes The New Horror Channel

Tuesday, June 15 by

Can’t get enough of vampires, even the sparkly kind? Does high-fructose corn syrup mixed with red food coloring really get you amped? Feverishly writing your own script for Troll 3? Then you might want to check out Break’s newly-risen Horror Channel, the internet’s latest resting place for all things creepy, scary and at least partially undead.

Not only will you find trailers for all of the latest horror flicks, you’ll find the best in short videos, extras for films & TV shows and web-based horror series.  Or, if you just want to browse by your particular horror fetish — er, genre — you can do that, as well. Think of the Horror Channel as Screen Junkies’s ugly, disfigured cousin we keep in the cellar and feed fish heads. He’s too disturbing to play in our sandbox, so we made him one of his very own. God only knows what it’s filled with though.

Stalk on over to the Horror Channel HERE.


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